Simplest Way To Automate Testing

Simplest Way To Automate Testing

Qualitia is a Scriptless Automation Platform. Implement automation
on Web, Desktop and Mobile applications in minutes.

Qualitia is a Scriptless Automation Platform. Implement automation
on Web, Desktop and Mobile applications in minutes.

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Accelerate Automation
Driven Development

Accelerate Automation Driven Development

Design Studio helps you boost testing productivity
by automating test case generation from requirements

Design Studio helps you boost testing productivity by automating
test case generation from requirements

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The test automation platform that does
not put testers to test!

Qualitia is one-of-its-kind scriptless test automation platform that’s designed to think like a QA Expert. Empower your functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts with automation, without learning programming.


People who believed and benefitted


Key differentiators which enable us to simplify testing.

Mobile Automation

Making mobile manageable. An offering for the era of digitalisation, Qualitia ensures complete mobile automation of Android and iOS platforms.

Web Automation

Testing Web application is now simpler. Automating web based applications for continuous testing is essential and Qualitia platform is right at the helm of this affair.

Web services & Backend Automation

Test fast and test often with Qualitia’s support for web services, files and databases. SOAP or RESTful APIs, xml, txt, Excel, Word, PDF etc.

Desktop Applications

Automate testing for your all thick client desktop applications, whether those are developed in Java, .NET, VB, Power Builder, ActiveX, SAP etc.

Continuous Testing

Confidently integrate with your DevOps pipeline for relentless testing to ensure quick turnaround. This process ensures quick error detection, building a sound testing environment.

Execution BOTs

Create unlimited execution Bots and deploy them anywhere in your network. Significantly scale up and fast track your test execution, with the help of Qualitia’s powerful Execution Bots

Parallel Execution

Parallel Execution, Minimizing time. Execute your test cases simultaneously on single or multiple machines – either on premise or on cloud.

Multi OS & Cross Browser

Equally compatible, Unequally superior. Create once and run anywhere. A tool that can be easily adapted onto multiple platforms – Android, iOS, devices, simulators, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, all major browsers etc.


In a completely automated way altogether.



Make testing fast, reliable and easy. With confidence.


Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify UI objects.



Start in-sprint automation the moment your stories and wireframes are ready!



Automate complex test scenarios requiring conditions based on the run time results.



A detailed report for every step of execution that captures screenshots of the current application status.



Qualitia’s Automation Bots and Integration help you to confidently enable your DevOps pipeline.



Words that vouch for us.

We looked at the major vendors as well as the open source community. What we found in Qualitia was a great combination of ease of use and cost.
It gave us the ability to leverage the open source Selenium but provided a means to build test cases that didn’t require scripts, which can quickly become out of date and unmanageable in a dynamic environment.
Qualitia gives me confidence to know that while the people, code, and interfaces will always be changing, my ability to quickly and efficiently execute the appropriate test cases will not.

Peter B.PMP, Project Manager

We have seen great success with Qualitia in achieving the business expectations from test automation that traditional tools could not achieve.
We have successfully used and benefited from use of Qualities across two releases of Windchill. Qualitia simplifies test automation by several folds when compared to tools which use coding/scripted approach. I highly recommend Qualitia for software test automation of any web-based application or product.

Rajarama Rao B.PMP, Senior Manager

We could continue to leverage our existing QA team. Qualitia gave us a huge boost to quickly start automating without getting into building and maintaining frameworks.
We really gained an enormous increase in productivity.
I highly recommend Qualitia to other companies. Qualitia gives you bank for your buck.

Anabhra SoniDirector

Being a product company automation of testing process is very crucial for us. We had tried it with leading commercial tools in the past and found that it requires lot of investments in terms of tool and resource cost.
And it also takes longer cycles to get the automation done with their approach. We wanted something that is quick to support the agile methodologies.
We found Qualitia making it really fast. Real advantage is we do not need a separate dedicated automation team with tool and technology experts.

Prameet SavlaCTO

Qualitia gives me confidence to know that while people, code and interfaces will always be changing, my ability to quickly and efficiently execute test cases will not.

Peter BeckerSR. Project Manager

Automating our tests with Qualitia has really paid off – there is a significant increase in the confidence of the business and quality owners for these processes and this has made “go live” decisions so much simpler. I believe this could well have a long-term impact in how TCOE at GE approaches SFDC testing – GE TCoE has standardized SFDC testing on Qualitia to enable continuous testing. We are now hiring people with SFDC knowledge instead of hiring programmers who can automate tests!

Amol AdsuleSr. Director and Global Head of Testing Center of Excellence, GE


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Breaking the Barriers of Uncertainty with the release of version 5.2

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About Qualitia

Qualitia is a pioneer in scriptless functional test automation. Qualitia has enabled businesses to transform the way software functional testing is done, by significantly optimizing cost and effort to make “Go Live” decisions with high confidence. With Qualitia, large enterprises are successfully driving “Shift Left” agenda in Agile & DevOps environment.


Carrying a combined experience of seasoned industry veterans, Qualitia embarks upon every project with an eye to the future. Our vision and mission have been perfectly charted and implemented by our leaders to make Qualitia a sought after enterprise.