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The All-In-One

Test Automation Platform

One-of-a-kind script-less test automation platform that’s designed to act like a QA Expert. Take control of your test automation projects and empower your functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts to automate testing, without learning programming

Mobile Applications

Qualitia ensures complete test automation of Android and iOS platforms for all your mobile applications

Desktop Applications

Automate testing for your all thick client desktop applications, whether those are developed in Java, .NET, VB, Power Builder, ActiveX, SAP etc

Web Applications

Testing Web application is now simpler. Automating web based applications for continuous testing. Test all your web apps effortlessly

Web Services & APIs

Simplified testing with Qualitia’s support for web services, files and databases. SOAP or RESTful APIs, xml, txt, Excel, Word, PDF etc

Continuous Testing

Integrate with DevOps pipeline for relentless testing and quick turnaround. This process ensures quick error detection

Execution BOTs

Create unlimited execution Bots and deploy them anywhere in a network. Significantly scale up and fast track test execution

Our Global Clients

From high-growth businesses to large enterprises


We’ve been acknowledged by the renowned

Using Qualitia, organizations normalize testing skill variations, as business analysts and manual testers can quickly automate functional tests and keep pace with developers without having to write a single line of code.

Accelerated Quality via Scriptless Test Automation. Qualitia is employing a Blue Ocean Strategy and targeting a largely underserved manual testing community of medium to large enterprises belonging to diverse verticals operating in developed nations


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