Are you happy with the outcome from your current test automation?

Many organizations across the world struggle to meet the fundamental goals of test automation. Consistently achieve agility, speed & reliability

Are your strategic objectives of test automation getting lost?

Several teams eventually get distracted with making the test automation work than focusing on improving quality of your software. Achieve quick ROI.

Are you optimally utilizing your best QA assets?

Bridge gap between technology and domain knowledge. Directly improve quality by empowering manual testers, SMEs & business users with speed of test automation.

Is the velocity of change making your test automation irrelevant?

Your test automation cannot keep up with changes to your software. Switch to easy maintenance of test automation; release after release.

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  • Qualitia gives me confidence to know that while people, code and interfaces will always be changing, my ability to quickly and efficiently execute test cases will not.

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    Being a product company automation of testing process is very crucial for us. We had tried it with leading commercial tools in the past and found that it requires lot of investments in terms of tool and resource cost.


    We could continue to leverage our existing QA team. Qualitia gave us a huge boost to quickly start automating without getting into building and maintaining frameworks. We really gained an enormous increase in productivity.

  • Using Qualitia, organizations normalize testing skill variations, as business analysts and manual testers can quickly automate


    Organizations struggling with a slow test cycle, high test creation time, and a skills availability problem should consider qualitia’s offerings.


    Qualitia is an innovative script-less test automation platform for multiple test automation tools and application technologies (e.g., Selenium).


    Accelerated Quality via Scriptless Test Automation. “Qualitia is employing a Blue Ocean Strategy and targeting a largely underserved   manual testing community of medium to large enterprises belonging to diverse verticals operating in developed nations.


    Nasscom congrats “Qualitia”. For being selected in the emerge of 50 for the year 2014.