Recorded Webinars

What’s new in Qualitia 5.2 release!

Qualitia New Release 5.2 promises to supercharge your testing efforts! – 9 May 2018

Learn how Qualitia detects an angular application, add the required waits behind the scenes and made our editor extremely simple and user-friendly.

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Accelerate Automation Driven Development

Design Studio promises faster time-to-market for Software Applications – 10 January 2018

Learn how to enable script-less automation development at requirement stage and faster time-to-market for Software Applications using Design Studio…

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Qualitia Overview & Demonstration

Test Automation is now more important than it has ever been – 28 June 2017

“As a rule of thumb, manual testing should account for less than 20% of the overall testing activity; automated testing should account for more than 80%” – Forrester Wave – Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q4 2016 As release cycles shrink, and the need to test increases, Test Automation is now more important than…

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Mobile Test Automation With Qualitia

Qualitia for Mobile – 8 June 2017

You have already seen how Qualitia is the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive way to build test automation. We hope Qualitia is helping you release products faster, at higher quality, and with greater involvement from everyone in the testing and product teams. If so you will love Qualitia 4.1! Join us for an interactive webinar..

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