How a leading insurance company reduced 80% testing cycle time using Qualitia

the client

This client is a strong player in the Indian insurance market, serving over 100 million customers in over 7000 locations. Established in 2001, this insurance company provides a range of life, health, and retirement insurance products.

Building and maintaining a framework makes things overly complex. It is ever evolving, unyielding, and unfinished. This demands increasingly higher technical competencies to solve its own problems. This shifts focus away from quality to making automation work.
Qualitia breaks down technology barriers. It makes test automation extremely intuitive and 100% scriptless, giving testers freedom to be the best they can be.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, this insurance provider experienced a huge surge in demand for insurance products. New business was pouring in. Sales channels were increased to accommodate this demand.

In the wake of this unpredictable business growth, this client faced two distinct situations:

Check the accuracy and consistency of quotations

Online insurance quotations were sent out in PDFs through their website and also through third-party websites. Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of these quotations across sales channels was vital. Therefore, the client spent valuable time manually comparing these quotations with the values generated by their legacy rule-based business calculator.

They wanted an automated system to make the comparison and save business users’ time.

Reduce the go-to-market time

This insurance provider’s products are constantly evolving with updates in regulatory guidelines, taxes, features, pricing, discounts, rebates, etc. Since they operate in the BFSI space, 100% adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements is a must. The client had to ensure that every product of theirs was in compliance with IRDA guidelines and internal IT Security policies. Testing was crucial but performing regression testing on every product was a massive time commitment that eventually delayed the time-to-market.

They wanted to optimize the testing time of every product and reduce their go-to-market time.


Manual Testing Approach

The client has a granular and time-intensive manual testing process that was slowing them down. This was delaying their time to market.

PDF Documents

The Adobe API-based PDF quotations issued online with numerical values represented in tables and custom grids made it extremely difficult to perform automated testing.

Legacy Systems

The client uses a legacy macro-enabled calculator that generates xlsb / xlsm files in binary format. This made test automation a challenge.

Complex Workflows

Their workflows involve web, mobile, and legacy applications that interact with a range of insurance products with changing input & output data sets. This created a huge number of data combinations, which were difficult to test.

In all, this insurance company was looking for a scalable, enterprise-caliber test automation platform that could handle their:


The Decision to Move to Qualitia

After a stringent evaluation of multiple test automation tools, the client found Qualitia to be incredibly valuable because of its use cases.

Scriptless platform
requires no coding skills
The client’s SMEs and manual testers could
quickly and easily participate in the
automation process.
Easily automates PDF and
legacy system testing
Using Qualitia, the team formulated a highly customized solution to handle the complex representation of data in the PDF files as well as the legacy business calculator.
Reduces test
development effort

Qualitia enabled the team to simply record end-to-end workflows and instantly convert them into test cases, thus reducing test development effort substantially.

Breaks down test cases into
reusable components

With its modular approach, Qualitia helped the team to further reduce effort with up to 80% reusability.

Cuts through the web, mobile as
well as legacy applications
Using Qualitia as a single platform for all requirements, the client team could
successfully automate the testing of complex workflows without having to invest in multiple tools and frameworks.

Faster regression testing

With Qualitia, the time required for regression testing was reduced drastically. Defect leakage was reduced by 90% to increase the release

Executes tests in parallel

Parallel test execution further reduced time, enabling more test cycles to be accommodated in releases.

Enables agile development

The team used Qualitia for in-sprint testing, arresting up to 75% of defects early.


100% adherence in compliance

Increased Confidence

With Qualitia, the client achieved 100% accurate and reliable test automation. Anxieties, uncertainties, and delays associated with product releases were lowered.

The increased confidence reflects in the rapidly growing engagement with Qualitia.

80% reduction in time to test through reliable test automation

Faster Go-to-market

Testing began earlier and became more frequent. 

Testing cycles became shorter.

Immediate testing support became available for urgent releases.

65% decrease in overall testing cost

Higher ROI

Test automation became simpler, faster, and highly reliable. 

Test automation became simpler, faster, and highly reliable. 

Manual testing was reduced.

90% decrease in maintenance effort

Reduced Test Automation Efforts

The truly scriptless automation platform greatly reduced automation development efforts. 

Reusability of components further reduced efforts and boosted speed.

Qualitia’s suite of technological innovations made it very easy to automate the testing of different types of applications on one single platform, significantly reducing execution efforts.

How the client’s relationship quickly grew with Qualitia

Automation scaled 9x, from 2 products to 18, across multiple product channels. 

Qualitia’s scope expanded from web testing to in-sprint automation, mobile test automation, and working with the client’s life insurance platform.

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