Using Qualitia Document manual and automated test cases in a single test case repository. Within each test case you define test steps, test data, validation criteria and store various artifacts. Each test case can be mapped to one or more Requirements that the test is effectively validating as well as automated test. This provides complete traceability from requirements to test cases to defects.

Test Case


Qualitia allows you Manual test cases authoring and recording the expected Vs actual results. Manage your manual as well as automated test execution using single platform – to ensure complete visibility into the Quality Index of your application under test. If your test execution needs are more complex, and you need to support multiple platforms and test environments, you can take advantage of the Qualitia’s test lab management.



Qualitia’s lab management allows for distributed and parallel test executions across heterogeneous environments. Using Qualitia Execution Agent you can ensure test coverage across various platforms and browsers in the shortest possible time.



Qualitia enable you to manage entire defect life cycle by linking defects to test cases and underlying Requirement. Define business workflows based on defect type. Help analyzing the “in-process” quality of a system during its lifecycle.


and Analytics

Qualitia provides extensive reports library that can display information such as Requirements Coverage, Test Execution metrics, and Incident Status. Customized reporting dashboard featuring frequently-used graphs, charts and reports to provide an individualized portal for each user.

Output reports in various formats – HTML, PDF, Excel, etc.