Build Highly Scalable and Maintainable Test Automation

It is Fast

It is completely scriptless

Qualitia is perhaps the only automation platform of it’s kind that allows users to start in-sprint automation as soon as stories and wireframes are ready. You do not have to wait for developer to provide you a complete build of the software under test. Qualitia has in built library of all the constructors that you need to build your test automation. These constructors ensure a completely scriptless experience, independent of application technologies and complexities. Your QA team is now empowered to automate not only GUI based test cases but also automate any database operations, file handling, batch processing, arithmetic calculations or workflows that involves dynamic objects and dynamic data. You can also enhance constructor library to handle application specific unique situations.


ensures desired scale

Qualitia follows functional decomposition methodology during test case design which allows creation of reusable test artifacts like Tasks and Test Cases. With Qualitia it is easy to use reusable components in your test cases by means of simple clicks and logical sequencing. Qualitia also allows the reusability of test assets within projects.

Smart and Easy Ways

to reduce maintenance

Qualitia maintains end to end traceability of all your test assets and provides change impact alerts prior to accepting any change. Predictive visibility enables you to manage changes easily, at faster pace and with confidence. Intelligent Dashboard gives a quick analysis of test cases which are unexpectedly impacted owing to the change in the application.


data driven approach

Qualitia allows you to iterate a test case or a task using Qualitia’s Test data explorer. Qualitia provides multiple ways to manage test data as part of your test case or scenario or even at the project level:

  • Handling Static data
  • Parameterization with multiple data sets
  • Environment Variables to set data at project level
  • Constructors to point to external data sources
  • Capture and access the data which is generated runtime.

Qualitia enables you to tag test data appropriately for meaningful test result analysis.

Scriptless Debugging

for higher productivity

Qualitia provides an easy to use interface for you to develop and debug test cases. Qualitia Debugger allows you to understand the potential issues with test case execution. You can change part or all of the test case if required without re-executing entire test case every time you made any changes to it.