Transform your Test Automation World with Qualitia

5 times more productivity and 70% less time-to-market

Go Scriptless Today

Script-less Test Automation.

We swear!

Qualitia bring test automation pretty close to manual testers, developers, SMEs, business analysts and business users, thus bringing quality and speed of execution much closer. Qualitia helps you get out of the linear and experimental process of automation and get quick ROI. We make this process extremely fast, simple and reliable. What does that mean to the user? – It means continuous testing, continuous delivery, lean team and agile approach. Qualitia helps you automate the moment you have wireframes ready. That goes a long way in achieving in-sprint automation.

We help in the script-less test automation cycle in a collaborative way – right from object identification, scripting, execution up-to reporting. The underlying tool like Selenium or QTP is just used as part of the deployment environment. End user does not need to know about say Selenium or QTP/UFT or any programming language. He/she can start the automation the moment they understand the application and test cases. Entire experience remains scriptless and independent of complexities involved in the automation process.

What Makes Qualitia Different

We have simplified the process of test automation to the point where even manual testers and business users can use it.

We’ve increased the speed of automation, making it 3 to 5 times faster than usual.

We’ve increased reliability and have made it easier to deal with changes in AUT.

Power Features

The features to simplify complexities


Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify UI objects.



Start in-sprint automation the moment your stories and wireframes are ready!



Automate complex test scenarios requiring conditions based on the run time results.



A detailed report for every step of execution that captures screenshots of the current application status.



Qualitia’s Automation Bots and Integration help you to confidently enable your DevOps pipeline.


custom action icon


You can author Custom Actions directly in Qualitia and the Custom Action code is maintained in Qualitia’s project library.


Key Differentiators

Qualitia key differentiators which enable us to simplify testing

Mobile Automation

Making mobile manageable

Equally compatible, Unequally superior. Create once and run anywhere. An offering for the era of digitalization, Qualitia ensures complete mobile automation of Android and iOS platforms.

Web Automation

Web made wider and better

Testing Web application is now simpler. Automating web based applications for continuous testing is essential and Qualitia platform is right at the helm of this affair.

Web services

Secured back-end for a better front-end

Test fast and test often with Qualitia’s support for web services, files and databases. SOAP or RESTful APIs, xml, txt, Excel, Word, PDF etc.

Desktop Applications

Identifying rich functionality and optimizing

Automate testing for your all thick client desktop applications, whether those are developed in Java, .NET, VB, Power Builder, ActiveX, SAP etc.

Continuous Testing

Ceaseless testing and integration to ensure testing efficiency

Confidently integrate with your DevOps pipeline for relentless testing to ensure quick turnaround. This process ensures quick error detection, building a sound testing environment.

Execution BOTs

Equally compatible, Unequally superior

Create unlimited execution Bots and deploy them anywhere in your network. Significantly scale up and fast track your test execution, with the help of Qualitia’s powerful Execution Bots

Parallel execution

Parallel Execution, Minimizing time

Aimed at ensuring optimum efficiency of resources, Qualitia can facilitate simultaneous execution on multiple environments. You can run tests on local, distributed environment as well as on cloud platforms like SauceLabs and Browserstack.

Back-end Automation

Test fast and test often

Equally compatible, Unequally superior. Create once and run anywhere. A tool that can be easily adapted onto multiple platforms – Android, iOS, devices, simulators, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, all major browsers etc.

Automate your Applications Fast

Build and Run Test Automation

With Qualitia your QC team can successfully automate large set of test cases up to 1.6 times faster than ever before.

5X Faster

Qualitia takes all the pain out from managing thousands and thousands of test cases.

Reporting and Analysis

Qualitia simplifies yet provides extensive information and visibility, to the QC team for improved bug tracking.