Simpliying Salesforce Test Automation

Qualitia makes it effortless to build and run Salesforce Test Automation

Salesforce Automation Challenges

Long Test Cycles

Late bugs discovery due to compromised Test Coverage resulting in long test cycles makes Salesforce Test Automation complicated

Multi-tool Integration

Need for multiple integration with other tools is usually an unavoidable requirement during Salesforce Test Automation Cycles which increases the complexity

Higher Cost

Higher operational cost due to manual test runs. Manual test runs for required validations add time and cost to the test automation projects

Low Productivity

No control, no portability and lack of optimal productivity makes Salesforce Test Automation challenging and complicated

Qualitia for Salesforce Test Automation

Qualitia makes it extremely easy to build and run test automation for Salesforce. You do not need to use any programming language to build test automation for your salesforce app. Nor do you have to buy expensive software and hardware to run your tests.

How Qualitia Automates SFDC?

The test automation platform that does not put testers to test

Test Salesforce Classic, Lightning and VisualForce effortlessly

  • Qualitia’s Smart-Locator Strategy enables easy identification of elements across all versions.
  • Highly reliable scripts across all environments.

Build Automation without Programming

  • Automate complex workflows without writing a single line of code, completely script-less
  • Build reusable assets or business components to reduce automation effort.

Integration & Reporting

  • Web Services (SOAP/Restful) to integrate your tests with enterprise systems.
  • Actionable analytics and reporting.

Role based access control & Data-Driven Execution

  • Qualitia’s inbuilt Test Data Explorer provides flexibility to play with multiple data set.
  • Assign roles & privileges to users to edit, update and manage test scripts.

Test across Environments, Browsers & Devices

  • Facilitate simultaneous execution on multiple environments.
  • Run tests on local, distributed environment as well as on cloud platforms like SauceLabs and BrowserStack.

Why Qualitia

40% Cost Savings, 90% Improvement in cycle turnaround, False Errors Dropped by over 95%

It’s Script-less

Stop investing in a lot of codes to automate testing. Simple interface to write concise & powerful test steps

It Knows Salesforce

Instantly recognize Salesforce elements like page layouts, list views and related lists for even faster test builds

It Enables Reusability

Effortlessly define and reuse functional components across multiple test cases and test scenarios

It Supports Integration

Connect up to other systems and databases. True end-to-end testing of your processes

It Reports Automatically

Run tests automatically through continuous integrations and generate reports on the successes and failures

It’s Flexible

Test across different environments and browsers without requiring changes to the test case

Learn from Experts

Learn new test automation methodologies, information about test automation industry, mission critical product upgrades and more, with our bi-weekly webinars
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