Transform Your Test Automation Projects

Achieve 5 times more productivity and 70% less time-to-market with Qualitia’s Automation Studio

Anybody Can Automate

It’s 100% script-less. No more code-based linear and experimental process of automation. It’s extremely fast, simple and reliable. What does that mean to the user? – It means even business analysts and manual testers can automate testing and get quick ROI

Start testing and automating from the time your business requirements are ready

We’ve increased the speed of automation, making it 3 to 5 times faster than usual

We’ve increased reliability and have made it easier to deal with changes in AUT

The All-In-One

Test Automation Platform

One-of-a-kind script-less test automation platform that’s designed to act like a QA Expert. Take control of your test automation projects and empower your functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts to automate testing, without learning programming

Mobile Applications

Qualitia ensures complete test automation of Android and iOS platforms for all your mobile applications

Desktop Applications

Automate testing for your all thick client desktop applications, whether those are developed in Java, .NET, VB, Power Builder, ActiveX, SAP etc

Web Applications

Testing Web application is now simpler. Automating web based applications for continuous testing. Test all your web apps effortlessly

Web Services & APIs

Simplified testing with Qualitia’s support for web services, files and databases. SOAP or RESTful APIs, xml, txt, Excel, Word, PDF etc

Continuous Testing

Integrate with DevOps pipeline for relentless testing and quick turnaround. This process ensures quick error detection

Execution BOTs

Create unlimited execution Bots and deploy them anywhere in a network. Significantly scale up and fast track test execution

Power Features

Features that simplify test automation complexities

Object Identification

Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify UI objects

Agile Development

Start in-sprint automation the moment your user stories and wireframes are ready

Execution Intelligence

Automate complex test scenarios requiring conditions based on the run time results

Insightful Reporting

Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify UI objects

DevOps Integration

Automation Bots and Integration help you to confidently enable your DevOps pipeline

Custom Action

Author Custom Actions directly in Qualitia and the Custom Action code is maintained in project library

Out of the Box Integrations

Tools that works great with desktop, mobile or web. Integrations with numerous external tools to make test automation smoother than ever

Pricing to Boost ROI

Save up to 65% of cost in test automation with Qualitia Automation Studio

$ 9300 / Year

Yearly subscription for concurrent user license + Unlimited Execution Agents

$ 3348 / Quarter

Yearly subscription for concurrent user license + Unlimited Execution Agents


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