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The only truly scriptless automation platform on the market:

  • Bring down your operational cost by doing away with repetitive
    tasks – take your product to the market faster.
  • Build most complex and string automation cases in no time.
  • Automate all your desktop, mobile and web apps and technologies in minutes.

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We have no test automationInadequate test coverageSlow time to marketInadequate automation skillsTakes too much time and effortInadequate ROILack of in-sprint automation

Qualitia Stories

“Qualitia gave us a huge boost to quickly start automating without getting into building and maintaining frameworks. We really gained an enormous increase in productivity”.

Anabhra Soni

“We found Qualitia making it really fast. Real advantage is we do not need a separate dedicated automation team with tool and technology experts”.

Prameet Savla

“Qualitia gives me confidence to know that while people, code and interfaces will always be changing, my ability to quickly and efficiently execute test cases will not”.

Peter Becker
Sr. Project Manager