Qualitia Automation Studio 8.2.0

With every step, we strive to make automation development with Qualitia simpler, faster, and even more reliable. We are bringing you some exciting new features that will take user experience to a whole new level. We are happy to announce the release of Qualitia Automation Studio 8.2.0.

What’s new?

# Next Generation UI!

Isn’t it always a delight to use a product that has been made with care and attention, and with the user at the center of its existence?

We are excited to unveil our spanking new user interface!

Here are the highlights:

  • We have created a clean, modern look with upgraded icons and menus.
  • The new interface is cleaner, leaner and more intuitive to navigate.
  • Keeping the user’s comfort in mind, we have clubbed together the general, project and execution settings tabs to provide a single-screen search experience.
  • We have made our test suite execution feature even more robust by giving it a UI boost.
    • Managing execution profiles is now simpler with easy visibility of the chosen settings.
    • You no longer need to remember (or have to dig deeper to figure out) which execution profile fulfills what purpose.
    • You can easily edit execution profiles right from the test suite screen.

# Effortless reusability of Tasks across projects!

In Qualitia Automation Studio, maintaining each task as an independent reusable component helps saves significant amounts of time and efforts for our users.

We have now gone even further in making this feature super-powerful and extremely flexible:

  • We have introduced the Import Tasks feature that enables you to reuse tasks across projects by importing them, thus boosting efficiency with minimal maintenance efforts.

For more information, refer to <insert link>.

  • The new UI even differentiates between tasks that are new, changed or already imported to enable more structured usage across projects.
  • Working with tasks has now become easier:
    • When any task is changed by someone, all test cases where it is present, get highlighted with a red underline.
    • Even better, when you click on that test case, we also tell you exactly which task and which steps within that task have changed.
    • This helps you quickly analyse the impact of that change on your test cases and take appropriate action to prevent any unnecessary test case execution failures.
    • This, in turn, helps avoid significant investigative efforts spent in identifying the root problem which has been caused by unknown changes in tasks.
  • The new UI has a more prominent way to differentiate between testcase and task steps by highlighting them in grey and white respectively.

We are confident that this latest release of Qualitia Automation Studio will further enhance your experience and help you make your test automation projects highly successful.

We remain committed to a process of continuous improvement and look forward to receiving any feedback that you might have for us.

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