How GE Healthcare reduced test maintenance efforts by 50%?

GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator. It enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices. A critical area of digital improvement was modernization of ITO process, which had a direct impact on order-to-cash generation. The ITO landscape is complex with no room for error either on the functionality or on the schedule.

Key Challenges

High Maintenance

High redundant test case count. Fragile defect identification mechanism

Slower Development

Non modular Test case design. Low Reusability. Unstructured design

High Execution Time

Longer execution cycle run time. Interdependent test cases

Difficult to Automate

Testing/porting automation from one environment to another


The main objective was to halve the automation script maintenance efforts. The team was spending 70% of their time on maintenance, which had severely impacted the efficiency of the team. Further, we wanted to improve the speed of test automation development rate by at least 150%. Also, another objective was to have scripts that are robust enough to prevent defect leakage and portable too to run on multiple environments.

Solutions Executed

Qualitia’s scriptless test automation platform was able to simplify test automation without compromising on the technical ability to handle complexity. Qualitia helped attain seamless ‘in-sprint’ automation for over a dozen software applications like Digital on Demand, Data Labs, Digital Inventory, Store Front Engineering, AI Labs, Automation Labs etc. across Web and Desktop technologies. Entire test automation delivery was functional from day one with no efficiency loss in ‘trial and errors’. Qualitia’s out-of-the-box and truly productized test automation approach was successful in standing up test automation delivery with over 2,000 complex test scripts up and running within 2 quarters of starting. Qualitia delivered robust scripts on complex UI technologies like Angular JS, HTML 5, Ajax etc. that were orchestrated for execution from Azure DevOps for every release. These tests reported over 375 defects that avoided production defect leakage over a dozen times. Test Automation delivery is now a well-oiled function with Qualitia at the nucleus helping improve software quality.

Results Achieved

0 %
Lesser Maintenance Efforts
0 %
Lesser Script Portability Efforts
0 %
Faster Script Development Rate
0 %
Saving in Execution Time


Thanks to Qualitia, our goal to identify maximum defects in optimum time and budget using automation testing is on its way to realization. The 6-stage automation strategy has completely transformed the product testing, making it all the more efficient. The automation has reduced our maintenance efforts by ~50%, allowing the team to perform more automation with increased accuracy. The increase in efficiency with savings on cost has been a great value addition made by the Qualitia team.

QA Manager, GE Health Care
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