Qualitia Automation Studio 8.0 (beta)

Taking another step towards our goal of making test automation faster, simpler and more reliable, we are proud to announce the release of Qualitia Automation Studio- 8.0 (beta).

Qualitia Automation Studio Recorder

Now record operations performed on the application under test and convert them into ready-to-execute automation test cases while maintaining the same modular approach to enhance reusability of business components.

How Does It Help?

Faster Automation: Users do not need to worry about building test automation step-by-step and that too manually. The object identification also happens during the recording process. The whole process of automation becomes considerably faster, thereby significantly reducing time-to-market.

Easy-to-use: The recording of a test case happens while interacting with the application under test. Any user with less or no knowledge of automation can use this feature to record ready-to-execute automation test cases.

Lesser Manual Error: By eliminating the need to develop test cases manually, Qualitia ensures that the test cases are less prone to manual error.

Validate the Test Cases: The user can validate the automation test cases by replaying the recording.

With Qualitia Automation Recorder, users can:

• Create test cases for Web/Mobile applications, or a combination of both.
• Capture the actions performed on the application as steps and store them as objects, along with the associated actions and parameters.
• Pause recording whenever needed. Start/Resume recording from any step in the test case editor. Use the Test Case Editor to group the steps under separate tasks.

Real-time Reporting

Get suite execution results in real time. There is no longer a need to wait for the entire suite to complete execution. Our real-time reporting portal also shows the execution results of multiple suites being executed in parallel by CI tools.

How Does it Help?

Reduced Wait-time for Analysis: The test execution analysis is often delayed because execution results are available only after all the test cases in the suite has finished executing. Qualitia provides real-time reports for each test case immediately without waiting for the complete suite execution. Now analyse defects/failures as soon as the test case is executed.

Compatibility with Browsers: Our real-time execution results can be seen across all widely used Web browsers.

Storage of Screenshots and Logs: Capture, compress and store screenshots and logs associated with test executions, so that they can be stored and transmitted.

Pinpoint the Failures with Analysis: Traverse through the execution results to find and analyse points of failures and defects. This makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

With Real-time Reporting users can:

• Know the status of each test case as soon as it completes execution
• Access logs & screenshots of test case execution
• Monitor all Suite executions in real time, including offline executions
• Access execution reports of all suite executions run by all users in a project
• Generate offline reports at the end of each test case iteration
• Access logs & screenshots for even aborted executions till the point of failure
• Improved compatibility to view results with popular browsers

Other features include:

• Apply settings for custom actions and version control at a project level. This means that users can create different settings for different projects.
• Create multiple execution profiles and select a particular execution profile during suite execution. An execution profile is a pre-defined set of configuration settings, which you can use to execute test suites. You can add multiple execution profiles with different combination of configuration settings. Use the new user interface for editing profile settings and desired capabilities.
• Maintain multiple execution profiles for an offline package and edit the profiles using a simple user interface.

Along with these new features, this release also has few other enhancements to make test automation faster and more reliable so that you can build high quality software products like never before.

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