Qualitia Automation Studio 7.3

We are happy to announce some exciting new features in our latest release. These features enhance Qualitia’s technical capabilities and user experience. We have enhanced test data performance and usability, introduced a project export/import tool, improved test editor screen and several more enhancements.

Qualitia 7.3.0 Highlights

Enhanced Test Data Performance and Usability

Qualitia has enriched the Test Data explorer capabilities in the following ways:
• The time taken to open the Test Data explorer has reduced to a few seconds irrespective of the amount of data in it
• Users can now view a test case and its test data simultaneously
• When a user clicks over a test case step that contains parameters, the Test Data explorer instantly highlights the same parameter columns
• Users can export Test Data into an Excel file, edit data independently, and import it back into Qualitia

Introducing New Charts in Web-Based Dashboards

We have enhanced our Web-based dashboards to analyze the results of the test cases executed through Qualitia Automation Studio for Web and Mobile, and offline packages. This new feature allows managers and testers to get a holistic and comprehensive view of execution results across projects, test suites, and test environments.

Introduction of Project Export/Import Process

Qualitia is providing an additional tool known as Project Export/Import Utility. Users can export the projects as a ZIP file, and later on, import it back into Qualitia.

Changes in Test Case Editor Screen

Collapsibility of Tasks
Users can expand and collapse tasks of a test case to edit or verify the remaining steps of a test case comfortably.

 Additional UI Improvements

• Validating Object XPath
When XPath Syntax is miswritten, Qualitia prompts an error message that shows where the XPath syntax is incorrect
• Changing Object Hierarchy
Objects can be moved under any parent object or can become an independent object

 Mobile Object Spy Enhancements

• Introduction of UI Automator
When capturing Mobile or Web objects, Qualitia Mobile Object Spy automatically sets the locator type as UI Automator
• Enable Smart Locator for Web Objects
When capturing Web objects, Smart Locator is automatically enabled. After capturing the Web objects, users can disable Smart Locator through Qualitia

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