Qualitia Automation Studio 7.1

In our quest to simplify test automation, we are happy to announce some exciting new features that enhance Qualitia’s technical capabilities and user experience in our latest release. We’ve added integration with TFS to enable Agile and DevOps Pipeline, new Object Spy for Mobile Test Automation and an enhanced Web Dashboard feature to provide detailed insights into your test automation projects. The new release enhances Qualitia’s Web Services & API testing capability. Custom Action can be written within Qualitia and the code is part of your project repository.

Highlights of Qualitia 7.1

Mobile Object Spy

Introducing a one-of-a-kind plug and play experience for capturing objects for Mobile Apps- Qualitia Mobile Object Spy. It adds to the current suite of Qualitia’s object identifying and capturing capabilities. We’ve extended this particular feature to identify and reliably capture mobile application objects. This feature provides a uniform way to capture Mobile application objects for native and hybrid apps across Android and iOS.

TFS Integration

In our previous release, we introduced integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server/ Azure DevOps. In this new version, taking the aspect of reliability and stability more seriously, we’ve enhanced TFS integration. You can now publish a stable version of a test case. This feature ensures that the changes made to the test case will not have an impact on your CI/CD pipeline.

Web Dashboard

We’ve switched from excel-based dashboards to new and improved web-based dashboards. The offline execution results will now get pushed to Qualitia so users can see the results using web-based dashboards.

Custom Actions

Custom actions help Qualitia users to extend testing capabilities by allowing them to add project specific methods while creating automation tasks/test cases. Managing your custom actions is now easier than ever and can be done within Qualitia environment itself.  Qualitia now maintains custom action code just like it maintains the tasks and test cases. You can now create, modify, and search new custom actions. You can share them with other users of your project and also import any of your previous custom actions code into Qualitia.

 Web API

We have enhanced the user experience for API automation. We have added a host of actions to support different types of APIs and also actions for validation and verification of data.
With our new features, we provide a one-of-a-kind test automation experience. Your testing can stay hand-in-hand with development and you can conduct in-sprint automation with ease. Our platform guarantees to speed up the process of automation by ensuring that automation has clarity at requirement stage itself.

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