Best Automation Testing Tool for 2019

Test Automation has undeniably taken over the market and organizations across the globe have accepted that it is the way ahead. And indeed it is. However, automation as a concept has been widely misinterpreted. Most companies think they have switched to automation, but all they have done is converted manual scripts into automation scripts. This is where Qualitia is different from other automation testing tools and frameworks available in the market.

What Makes the Functional Testing Platform by Qualitia Different?

Anyone Can Automate

The script-less functional testing platform by Qualitia does not require specialized automation engineers. Its ease-of-use and simplicity allows even manual testers and SMEs to automate.

Other automation testing tools and frameworks require users to know the programming language that the tool understands.  Even all other web automation frameworks need proficiency in Java programming. A certain proficiency level is assumed which is why there is no formal training given to the users and they are expected to learn and gain this knowledge on their own.

Highly Specialized Solutions

Qualitia provides out of the box integrations for CI tools like Jenkins, and cloud execution platforms such as BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, etc. Additionally, it also integrates with Version Control tools and bug tracking tools.

Other automation testing tools lack a product approach and hence, are built incrementally. It is customary to build ‘add-ons’ and ‘bolt-ons’ to enhance the suitability of the framework for a particular application under test.

Minimal Human Intervention

The intelligent test automation platform by Qualitia requires minimum human intervention when it comes to supporting the latest technologies.

Other test automation frameworks and automation testing tools have many moving pieces that need continuous human intervention to build and maintain function libraries, manage test data, create reporting layers, managing integrations, debugging and troubleshooting issues.

Hassle-free Support

When user-level issues are encountered, Qualitia troubleshoots and resolves them with established SLAs.

In the case of other automation testing tools and frameworks, there are no established SLAs to troubleshoot project level issues. SLAs are not clearly defined which leads the project teams to make their own modifications to the framework and build their own versions. Testing teams build heavy dependencies on the group that has developed the framework.

Speedy Test Automation

The functional testing tool by Qualitia is five times faster than other automation testing tools. It significantly reduces the time spent on executing test cases simultaneously on single or multiple machines, both on premise, and cloud.

Other automation testing tools lack an automation approach, thereby reducing the speed of automation, which in turn causes a delay in delivery cycles and slower time-to-market.

Ultramodern Automation Design

An offering for the era of digitalization, Qualitia ensures complete mobile automation for Android and iOS platforms. It also offers business component level reusability and modular automation development.

In spite of being so critical, this aspect is left to every individual user while using other automation testing tools and frameworks. Very little or no guidance is provided, and testers use their own abilities to design test cases. Lack of a standardized approach brings difficulty in maintaining existing scripts.

The qualities mentioned above undeniably make the functional testing platform by Qualitia the best automation testing tool available in the market. Stop wasting your time, effort and cost on conventional test automation processes that don’t yield the desired results! Send us a demo request now.

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