Qualitia 5.6: SmartLocator Automatically Identifies Objects with Dynamic Elements

Qualitia announces the release of version 5.6. Qualitia Object Spy is now enhanced to identify objects with dynamic elements. Its SmartLocator understands changes in object behavior and identifies objects with dynamic elements automatically and corrects the object locator values runtime during test case execution. This makes test case execution of web applications more reliable despite changes in object elements.

Additionally, in version 5.6, Qualitia Object Spy for Google Chrome has been introduced. Now Qualitia users can add and update objects from the Google Chrome browser.

Another vital addition of version 5.6 is the introduction of MS Excel-based dashboards. These dashboards help product owners, managers, and testers getting a holistic and comprehensive view of execution results across projects, test environments, and business requirements.

Other Enhancements

  • With the Selenium version 3.11.0 and above, Qualitia now supports the W3C-compliant Selenium capabilities and protocol (Beta) while executing test cases on Sauce Labs.
  • A new action has been introduced to store and convert the date and time into different time zones.
  • Identifying different tasks in Test Data sheet is now simplified by highlighting the task headers in different colors. This makes working with test data more user-friendly and intuitive.

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