Top Reasons to Adopt Script-less Test Automation

In recent years, the world of technology has seen several changes. The same has happened in the world of software testing where script-less test automation has been introduced to facilitate fast software releases at the highest quality. While test automation has always been fascinating as it reduces the mundane efforts required in repetitive tasks such as regression testing and also accelerates the entire process of software testing, somehow it has consistently failed to produce the desired ROI. While every organization is automating test cases owing to the benefits it has to offer, the ROI has been a cause of concern. More often than ever, automated testing tools have been blamed for the poor ROI. However, test automation usually fails because of factors such as:

  1. The time required to create the test automation suite
  2. The need for specialized development resources
  3. The difficulty of scripting and maintenance
  4. The lack of test data management strategy
  5. Lack of involvement of domain experts

To solve these challenges, and to get the desired ROI from test automation, script-less test automation was introduced. Essentially, script-less is nothing but test automation that does not require coding. Hence, it offers ease-of-use, simplicity, and speed. While there have been several debates over whether or not it should be picked over traditional test automation, here are 4 reasons that are convincing enough to help you make a choice instantly.

1. Time-to-Automate Reduces by Almost 60%

The faster you automate, the faster the product can go to market. Going script-less ensures your testing team can automate large test suites up to 5 times faster than before.

2. Leverage Your Existing Testing Team

Your QA team understands the application under test much better than automation experts. Going script-less allows you to empower your existing team of manual testers. Since no coding is required, they can now invest their time in achieving the highest test coverage. This allows your testing team to detect bugs at an early stage of product development and enable you to build a superior quality product at an unmatched speed.

3. Utilize the Knowledge of Your Domain Experts

Earlier on, since test automation required coding, business analysts and subject matter experts could not participate in the process. Now with script-less test automation, they can establish the working of an entire test automation suite or even an individual test case and ensure that the product is tested for its optimum quality in every release

4. Save Time & Resources Spent on Training

Script-less test automation is known for its ease-of-use and short learning curve. Users do not require long hours of training to learn how to use the tool. A few hours spent on understanding how the tool works is enough to start automation.

Script-less test automation makes automation faster by removing the dependency on scripting. This approach allows your manual testers to create automated tests with ease. While test automation guarantees reduced repetitive testing efforts, choosing a script-less automated testing tool ensures that you achieve these results consistently and 5 times faster than a script-based tool.

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