How to Guarantee the Success of Software Test Automation?

Today, almost all software test automation teams follow the iterative approach of requirements analysis, test case documentation, manual execution, building the framework, executing tests as those get automated. They find issues during execution then make changes to the framework to adapt to the application under test.  This entire process is experimental and goes on until the automation suite is complete and stable.

However, by the time the first stable automation suite is ready, the AUT has progressed and hence we have to rely on manual testing while automation catches up. This cycle continues and automation always lags behind. The fundamental objective, for which organizations invest in automation is seldom met. Organizations end up investing a lot of time, cost and efforts to make this automation work and yet automation is delivered pretty late in the cycle. This process eventually results into shifting focus from strategic objective of accelerating testing to making the automation work.

Solution Provided by Qualitia’s Selenium-based Automation Testing Platform

Qualitia helps you get out of the linear and experimental process of automation and get quick ROI. We offer continuous testing, continuous delivery, lean team and agile approach. Qualitia helps you automate the moment you have wireframes ready. That goes a long way in achieving in-sprint automation. We make this process extremely fast, simple and reliable.

We help you manage entire test automation cycle in a collaborative way – right from object identification, scripting, execution up-to reporting. Users can start the automation the moment they understand the application and test cases. Entire experience remains script-less and independent of complexities involved in the automation process.

Key Features of the Software Test Automation Platform by Qualitia

Simple Object Recognition:

Our point and click object identification helps create a centralized object repository. There is no need to be familiar with tools and plug-ins like Selenium IDE or Firebug even to identify dynamic objects.

Reusable Tasks:

We build modular test cases with high reusability of business components which rapidly enhances automation coverage.

Contextual Actions:

Our action library contains over 300 actions, the code of which is thoroughly tested across Operating Systems and Browser combinations, such that there is no need for code level debugging by the end user.

Execution Reports:

We provide detailed, step-wise reporting with logs and application screenshots while the execution is running. These drill-down reports give insights to all stakeholders involved in the automation project.

Change Management:

We give end-to-end traceability of all test artifacts. For every change that is made in a script, Qualitia will give smart alerts informing the users what is likely to get impacted because of the proposed changes.

Handling Complexity:

Even complex test cases that require conditional structures like IF-ELSE or FOR LOOP can be easily automated by Qualitia.

Error Handling:

Qualitia saves valuable execution time through appropriate error handling tasks.

Agile Development:

With Qualitia you can go truly Agile. Automation development can start even before the application is available for testing on the basis of user stories and wireframes. Automation development and application development can become parallel activities such that the scripts are ready for execution as soon as the application becomes available for testing.

Offline Execution:

Qualitia creates a self-executable version of automation suites that can be executed independently. These offline packages are JAR files that allow flexible execution and can even be scheduled for execution via command prompt.

DevOps Integrations:

Qualitia integrates with Version control tools like SVN and GIT. Qualitia also integrates with CI Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and Team City to automate software delivery.

Execution Strategies:

Qualita offers flexibility in choosing the right execution strategies. Qualitia supports Cloud execution on Saucelabs, BrowserStack, and Perfecto. Offline packages can be integrated with CI tools. Qualitia also supports Selenium Grid for parallel execution.

Qualitia is a Web automation software and allows Mobile test automation as well. It can also automate testing for all thick client Desktop applications and is also helpful for the purpose of Web services and Backend automation. In case you would like to know more about the software test automation platform by Qualitia, visit the ‘Request a Demo’ section and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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