Web Services Testing Tools: Here’s What You Need to Know

The rise of Web applications such as social networking, online shopping, banking and many more have triggered the need for Web services. These are nothing but connectors that allow applications and servers to communicate with each other for completing a transaction. Thus, behind every successful online transaction, be it ticket booking or a bank transfer, there are Web services which combine the information distributed over critical servers, platforms or applications. A poor or failed Web services connection creates havoc among administrators managing the servers as well as clients who perform some transaction by calling the Web services. In today’s age of digitalization, it’s necessary to have flawless API connectivity in your applications. Thus, testing the functionality of Web services has become important. To satisfy this critical need, Web services testing tools were introduced.

Over the years, although several Web services testing tools have been made available in the market, rarely have they managed to live up to the expectations. When companies are questioned about their requirements in a Web services testing tool, their instant response is a speedy, reliable and an easy-to-use platform. Many have also added that they’d like a tool that actually works instead of making them work it. While most automated testing software claim to automate Web Services testing, not many do so successfully.

Why you Should Use Qualitia as a Web Services Testing Tool?

Qualitia’s script-less test automation platform not only delivers the cliche requirements of fast, easy-to-use and reliable but also gives much more. As a Web services testing tool, Qualitia brings test automation pretty close to manual testers, developers, SMEs, business analysts and business users. It’s ease-of-use allows anyone to automate, that too without lengthy hours invested in training.

As a Web Services testing tool, Qualitia helps companies manage the entire test automation cycle in a collaborative way. It allows integration testing with workflows cutting across Web, Mobile, Web services and Desktop applications. Users can start automation for Web Services the moment they understand the test cases. The entire experience remains script-less and independent of complexities involved in the automation process.

Qualitia helps organizations escape the linear and experimental process of automation and get quick ROI. It makes the process of test automation extremely fast. How fast are we talking about? 5 times faster to be specific. Qualitia helps you automate the moment you have wireframes ready. That goes a long way in achieving in-sprint automation

Qualitia increases the productivity of teams by 3 to 5 times, thereby significantly reducing the cost and reducing time-to-market by up-to 60-70%. Qualitia also helps in significantly improving the software quality by helping teams focus on increasing test coverage rather than on making automation work.

Needless to say, as a Web Services testing tool, Qualitia has been working wonders for several organizations across the globe and has been acknowledged by global leading analysts – primarily for its key strengths of quick turnaround and simplicity.

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