Why Opt for Codeless Test Automation?

Test automation reduces mundane testing efforts and accelerates the process of software testing. Almost every organization is performing automated testing, but the return on investment is not always as expected. This is because the of the complexity of most quality assurance software. They end up increasing the expenses incurred into making automation work instead of optimizing costs and yielding ROI. To solve this issue, codeless test automation was introduced.


Codeless test automation works optimizes costs by empowering your existing team testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. The problem of coding is largely taken care of by the codeless test automation. It helps achieve faster results as it reduces time spent on understanding the code. While there are several benefits of codeless test automation, a few of them are listed below.

Why Choose Codeless Test Automation?

Reduction in Testing Time

By adopting codeless test automation, testing teams can reduce testing time by 40%. This allows them to achieve more test coverage, thereby ensuring the detection of bugs in the early stages of development itself.

Easy to Maintain and Reliable

Codeless test automation allows easier maintenance of codeless test suites. This is critical because the maintenance phase is usually very time-consuming. Even making changes is comparatively much easier in codeless test automation. Traditional quality assurance software requires heavy maintenance efforts since they are not built keeping in mind reusability and maintainability aspects.

Reduction in Cost

Since codeless test automation can be easily used by manual testers, companies can leverage their existing team instead of spending resources in hiring automation experts, thereby saving cost.

Allows Anyone to Automate

Not just manual testers, but even business users, subject matter experts and business analysts can contribute to codeless test automation. By eliminating the need for programming skills, domain experts can use their in-depth knowledge about the software to fullest. This in turn, ensures a premium quality software.

Codeless test automation is definitely the easiest and fastest way of conducting automated testing. If you’re looking for a quality assurance software that is codeless and has an ROI-driven approach to test automation, then the code-less test automation tool by Qualitia is the right choice for you. It drastically reduces time to automate as it is five times faster than other automation frameworks. Owing to its speed and ease-of-use, it increases the productivity of testing teams by 5 times. Qualitia also functions as a Web services testing tool and hence is a one-stop shop for all your test automation needs. Companies across the globe have transformed test automation by adopting Qualitia. Its reliability, speed, and simplicity have made it extremely popular in the international market.

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