Codeless Test Automation: A Game-Changing Solution

Over the years, the way organizations develop and deliver software has changed. As the software development cycles evolved and became short and quick, QA teams started to face new challenges and had to work hard to keep pace. This is because the onset of new development methodologies led to a significant change in the process of quality assurance as well. With an emphasis on digitization, today the need for faster time-to-market, cost optimization and high quality, is now higher than ever before. Now even though test automation was supposed to address these issues, the complexities involved and the need for programming skills, made it difficult for testers to adopt it seamlessly and use it to their advantage. However, in today’s technologically-enhanced world, sooner or later, a solution emerges for every problem, and as expected codeless test automation arrived to transform the landscape of software testing.


What is Codeless Test Automation?

More code leads to more complexity and a higher maintenance cost for scripts as well as for test automation tools. To solve this issue, Codeless Test Automation was introduced. The world moved away from conventional, code-based and time-consuming processes of writing code. By eliminating the need for programming, codeless test automation enabled even manual testers to participate in automation.

Qualitia’s Codeless Test Automation Platform

As a company, if you were questioned about your requirements in a test automation tool what would be your response? Speedy, reliable and easy-to-use? While almost all test automation tools in the market claim to fulfill these requirements, they rarely ever do so. A majority of test automation tools in the market require continuous effort and hence, are slow paced.

As an organization, if you’d like to conduct automated functional testing, then Qualitia’s codeless test automation platform is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Benefits of Using Qualitia for Conducting Automated Functional Testing

  1. Speed: Qualitia’s codeless test automation platform is 5 times faster than other test automation tools in the market.
  2. Productivity: It leads to an increase in productivity since no programming language is required.
  3. Time-to-Market: Due to its 5 times faster speed, it reduces time-to-market by 60-70%.
  4. In-sprint Automation: It has the ability to start automation the moment you have your wireframes ready.
  5. Automation Intelligence: Qualitia’s intelligent test automation tool manages the entire test automation cycle in a collaborative way – right from object identification, scripting, execution up-to reporting.
  6. Ease-of-use: Its single user interface and cross-platform abilities allow testers to work across several platforms, thereby increasing efficiency.
  7. Reusability: Due to reusable test assets, maintainability is easier, thereby increasing productivity.
  8. Continuous Integration: Since it integrates tightly with CI tools such as Jenkins implementing continuous testing is very easy.

So as you can see the benefits of using Qualitia for conducting automated functional testing are vast. Qualitia’s codeless test automation helps in substantially improving the quality of your software by helping teams focus on increasing test coverage rather than investing lengthy hours in trying to make automation work. Also, since Qualitia increases the productivity of your team by 3 to 5 times, it significantly reduces the cost incurred in automated functional testing.

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