How to Amplify the Benefits of Continuous Testing Tools?

Continuous Testing is a requisite in today’s advanced development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. It is required since the software is frequently being released to production; hence it is critical to ensure that the software is of optimum quality throughout the development. Therefore, testing early and testing often are crucial aspects while testing in Agile and DevOps.  For this purpose, QA must get exact requirements, to begin with, and test throughout development and not just before release. Specific continuous testing tools are required for conducting continuous testing.


As a software testing company, we’ve created a list of practices that can be followed to implement and improve testing throughout the development lifecycle:

Testing Should be Aligned With Business Goals

QA must understand the business needs and goals.  QA should have a clear idea on what are the business goals for a period, and the metrics to evaluate success.  This information is essential to device a successful testing strategy in DevOps.

Conduct Lean Testing

Complete focus on contributing to the business value is required in Continuous Testing. For this, organizing testing in a lean way rather than producing artifacts that don’t render value is a must:

  • To ensure that effective unit testing is performed, testers should be paired with developers.
  • While testing manually, adopting an exploratory approach to testing will be helpful.
  • Testing artifacts, such as extensive test cases and test plans should be reduced.

Setting Up the Right Test Environment is Crucial

A huge roadblock in the success of DevOps is the lack of the right test environment. For this purpose,

  1. The environment configuration management and provisioning should be automated.
  2. Virtualizing test environments by adopting Service Virtualization at the most mature level, test environments should be virtualized. Also, the delivery pipeline should be streamlined by moving them on to the cloud.

With an increase in agile trends, complexities of test environments and interdependency among teams has also increased. Having an ideal end-to-end test environment availability is a challenge for testing teams. This is where Cloud and Service Virtualization acts as a savior. Not only do they reduce these challenges of building complex test environments, but also improve time-to-market and reduce costs of setting up the right test environments.

 Switch to Automation

Test automation beats manual processes in Agile and DevOps. By using automated continuous testing tools, the risk of human error is considerably reduced. Automated testing not only enhances test accuracy and software quality but also safeguards the flow throughout the system.

Employ Technical Debt Management Practices

Although Agile and DevOps are usually considered as the solution to reduce the technical debt, they are by no means immune to it. It reduces the ability of development teams to make changes in code and often involves heavy time wastage. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to keep track of their debt and avoid and reduce it by executing proper technical debt management practices.

Define and Measure Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Defining metrics is vital to measure the success of testing in Agile DevOps. Key performance indicators like change lead time, frequency of deployment, change failure rate, mean time to recover, etc. must be ascertained to evaluate the success rate of testing in Agile and DevOps.

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