Automated Software Testing in the Forefront of Digitalization

Digitalization has fundamentally changed the landscape of business in every industry. New technologies and innovations are already enabling companies to improve development. At the same time, customers of companies are demanding more and better products. These demands cannot be fulfilled by purely traditional means.  It is evident that global and heterogeneous regulations are increasing and bringing more complexity to the infrastructures and operations of companies in almost every industry. Industries are experiencing a concurrent transformation on multiple, unrelated areas changing the complete product lifecycle. This transformation isn’t easy to handle, and there is a pressing need to increase the check on quality. Since the business transformation is now leading to the digitalization of software products, business models, and operations, companies need automated software testing to ensure that your software is high quality and will help you reach the market 5 times faster than your competitors.


Why is Automated Software Testing Important Today?

1. Digitalization

Today companies across the globe are undergoing a digital transformation. This vital process requires more than just adopting new technology trends. Would it be beneficial to adopt new offerings if your current systems are holding you back? Also, to win the market, your digital solutions have to be of premium quality.

2. Competitive Advantage

I am sure you’d agree that it’s not just about offering brilliant digital solutions. The success of your product largely depends on how fast you reach the market. Automated software testing drastically reduces time-to-market.

3. Modernize Legacy Systems

An effective test automation tool will help you modernize your legacy technology and launch newer digital capabilities with confidence.

We understand your continual requirement of building new capabilities and would like to support you in this endeavor. We have a highly intuitive and intelligent test automation tool that will increase the quality of your software and help you deliver solutions 5 times faster than your competitors. It’ll also enable you to modernize your legacy technology and launch newer digital capabilities faster and with utmost confidence.

The script-less test automation tool by Qualitia will help you increase the productivity of your team 5 times, thereby significantly reducing the cost and reducing time-to-market by 70%. Qualitia also helps in substantially improving the quality of your software by helping teams focus on increasing test coverage rather than on making automation work.

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