Is Script-less Test Automation as Hassle-free as it Sounds?

Over the years, several companies have invested in automated software testing, but have failed to achieve the desired results. The effort involved in making automated testing work exceeded the benefits it provided. However, even though test automation has a history of being unsuccessful, it is pretty much still needed. Especially in today’s day and age where the emphasis is on digitization. The need for faster time-to-market, cost optimization and high quality, is now greater than ever before. However, conventional methods seldom work and what the world truly needs is a breakthrough solution. Can script-less test automation be everything that companies need and more?


When companies were questioned about their requirements in a test automation tool, their instant response was a speedy, reliable and an easy-to-use platform that allowed them to leverage their existing team of manual testers instead of stressing over hiring automation experts. Many also added that since we’re in the DevOps Era, they’d like the platform to function as a continuous testing tool as well.

Script-less test automation emerged as a too-good-to-be-true solution. It provides a symphonic blend of domain and technical expertise, since now even manual testers can contribute to automation. By eliminating the need to write code, domain experts can use their functional knowledge to automate tests cases.

The Script-less Test Automation Platform by Qualitia

Even though there are several script-less test automation tools in the market, they haven’t necessarily made life easier for manual testers. Although they have eliminated the need for coding, they are still complex and only automation experts can use them. They also require the user to undergo weeks of training to be able to use them.

This is where the script-less test automation tool by Qualitia is different.

Smallest Learning Curve in the Market

The script-less test automation platform by Qualitia is a unique functional testing tool that productively automates repetitive processes.  Users can start building and executing test automation cases from day one without any prior training.

Anyone Can Automate

Qualitia’s script-less test automation platform allows even manual testers and subject matter experts to design test automation flows, without writing a single line of code – and then execute cases with an effortless click.

Automate the Mundane and Innovate the Future

With Qualitia, testers and specialists can discard their work of tedious tasks and focus on innovation and high-impact work.

Why Qualitia?

Qualitia allows QA experts and testers to spend more time on high-value and challenging work and not stress about quality concerns. Designed to think like a QA expert, using Qualitia even functional manual testers, business users and subject matter experts can automate testing without writing a single line of code.

Fast: 5 x faster and 70% less time-to-market

Reliable: No breakage or wear and tear.

Simple: Ease-of-use allows anyone to automate.

Low Maintenance: Issues are fixed during the run time.

DevOps Friendly: Integrates tightly with CI/CD tools

In the literal sense, automation is a process that requires minimum human intervention, however most test automation tools in the market require continuous effort. However, the script-less test automation tool by Qualitia has transformed the landscape by making automation scalable while refraining from adding costs associated with hiring people, buying additional tools, and infrastructure. Companies across the globe have been amazed by the ease and speed at which it handles even the complexities of salesforce test automation.

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