The Quality Assurance Procedure in DevOps and Agile

The way organizations develop software has changed with the onset of Agile and DevOps. This has led to a significant change in the quality assurance procedure as well. With new and improved principles and practices, the new software development methodologies have enhanced communication and collaboration between the organizational silos. Both DevOps and Agile primarily facilitate knowledge sharing, and specialized skills by removing the gaps in communication, thereby encouraging the delivery of quality systems. Therefore, in today’s time, testing teams focus more on preventing defects rather than finding them.


What has Changed in the Quality Assurance Procedure?

Change in QA Mindset and Organizational Culture

Agile and DevOps have brought about a change in the way testing is conducted. Not only do these development methodologies demand a change in QA practices but also a shift in the organizational culture. Testing teams are now required to think innovatively and continuously identify new techniques to test the software efficiently yet quickly.

Facilitating Quality

The role of testing teams is now not merely restricted to functional testing but has largely expanded to the facilitation of quality. Today, the quality assurance procedure includes understanding the business thoroughly before testing the system. For this purpose, testing teams are required to partner with business experts, to know how the system being tested is expected to function to support the business objectives.

An Increased Collaboration with Development and Operations 

Since, quality assurance is the confining force between development and operations, it is now obligatory for testing teams to be involved in the process right from the initial stages of development. This change allows testing teams to collaborate better and facilitate the process of development more effectively.

Automation is a Must

As Agile and DevOps promote frequent builds, there is a greater chance of code-breaking existing features.  Therefore, it is not feasible to conduct this verification manually. This also brings about the need for test automation. These smoke tests make automated testing absolutely essential.

A lot of companies had started using Selenium testing framework when the need for automation emerged. However, today the market has advanced automation testing tools that not only guarantee quality but also speed the process of software delivery.

Better Test Coverage is Required

By using techniques like Continuous Integration and Deployment, the need to deliver software quickly in Agile and DevOps is much higher. Also, owing to rapidly changing requirements, there is a higher chance to miss testing important functions.  To avoid this, maintaining accurate and comprehensive traceability of requirements to test functions is essential.

Testing is a continuous process in Agile and DevOps and incorporating constant feedback is critical while attempting to improve quality. The guiding principles of DevOps such as test first, clear communication and coherency in collaboration can enhance the quality assurance procedure and help testing teams to take their deliverables to the next level.

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