Qualitia Extends Support to Atlassian & Bitbucket

Qualitia 5.5 provides support to integrate project artifacts with Bitbucket for version control.


Qualitia Automation Studio version 5.5 offers integration with Bitbucket and GIT for adding and maintaining Qualitia project artifacts. This integration gives you an ability to enable multiple Qualitia users to work on the same project at the same time. Also, the changes made to the Tasks and Test Cases are automatically made available to multiple users at the same time, without the users having to worry about typical operations to be performed on any version control system.

Qualitia has also enhanced its Object Recognition capability called Object Spy. Object Spy can now identify object elements from the modal dialogs. Many legacy applications still use Modal dialogs for various reasons. With its powerful object-management capabilities, Qualitia enables users to identify objects uniquely and eliminates the need to understand DOM or HTML structure. Object Spy’s inbuilt algorithm generates robust ‘Relative XPaths’, dropping any run time failures and consequent rework.

With a centralized object repository and reduced maintenance efforts, Qualitia strengthens Test Automation Suites. The central repository promotes reusability of objects across users and test cases reinforcing the collaborative development practice.

Qualitia continually enhances its ability to recognize dynamic objects. Version 5.5 also adds many UI/UX enhancements for making Object Spy more user-friendly and comprehensive. This enhanced version of Object Spy offers better usability features like new keyboard shortcuts for different user actions, better insights and alerts on possible errors faced while adding objects into the repository and so forth.

With an enhanced XPath generation engine, objects identified or recognized are more stable, and the test script execution is much more reliable.

About Qualitia

Qualitia is a pioneer in scriptless functional test automation. Qualitia brings the power of simplicity and speed to adopt test automation in the most effective way. Qualitia has enabled businesses to transform the way software functional testing is done, by significantly optimizing cost and effort to make “ship/no-ship” decisions with high confidence. With Qualitia, large enterprises are successfully driving “Shift Left” agenda in Agile & DevOps environment.

Besides Gartner, Qualitia is appreciated by IDC, Forrester, Ovum and many leading analysts for its innovative approach to software test automation.


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