500 Test Cases Automated in 14 hours

Great products can change the world. And by great products we mean those that solve complex business problems. Our client is a technology-enabled business process management company and is also a leader in the UK for providing outsourcing solutions. They used Qualitia during a POCathon and achieved phenomenal results.

To give you more insights on how they used Qualitia, we conducted an interview with the company’s Senior Business Leader:

1. Can you tell us more about the POCathon?

The POCathon is a combination of the words Proof-of-Concept (POC) and Hackathon and is intended to combine the advantages of both. More like the best of both worlds. With a POC you want to test the real value of new products/services. Hackathons are a great way to develop creative solutions to problems, test new technologies, or prove a concept in a short amount of time.

A POCathon starts when the product need is defined, and the possible solution providers have been shortlisted. This approach allows to evaluate them jointly in a participative process with a final decision.

2. Why did you chose the POCathon approach?

Well for starters, we thought that the best way to validate if a product is living up to its claims is to put it through extreme complexities. Our objective was to automate end-to-end regression workflows on our education services platform, which allowed us to monitor the training and development for the school workforce.

We also wanted to test the possibility of faster automation and explore the possibility of participation from team members who weren’t mainly automation experts. For this purpose, we received participation from five teams of Business Analysts & Manual Testers.

3. How long were you taking to automate a test case before starting the POCathon and what expectations did you have in mind?

I’d say we were taking about 3-4 days to automate a workflow. We were looking at speeding up this process, but we also wanted to enable most of our team to automate. We believe that automation is not limited to Testing, and in the larger picture we’d like to implement automation in every aspect of our organization (although that wasn’t the aim for this POCathon). Speaking of our expectations from the POCathon, we were looking for a tool that would allow anyone to automate. We wanted both technical and non-technical users to be able to contribute to automation.

4. Was the POCathon for Test Automation Successful?

Oh yes, it was a huge success. Firstly, our team of 30 managed to automate 500 test cases in 14 hours!

5. Did Qualitia live up to your Expectations?

It did and more. As mentioned earlier, we were thoroughly impressed with the speed, which was one of most important criteria for product evaluation. We managed to automate 500 test cases in 14 hours. Other than that, it required no programming skills, had a user-friendly architecture and was easy-to-use, thereby making it possible for anyone to automate. Its other benefits included simplified database execution, reusability of components (objects, functions, test cases), a multi-iteration execution and effective reporting. To cut the long story short, we couldn’t have asked for more from Qualitia. It truly is a breakthrough solution.

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