Award-Winning Qualitia Widens Its Technology Net

The New Release Significantly Increases Its Technology Coverage Thereby Helping Functional QA Automate Many More Desktop Applications
Pune, January 30, 2018, January 30, 2018

Qualitia, who has been recognized as a Cool Vendor by Gartner, continues on its mission to make automation development extremely easy. The pioneers in script-less test automation have unveiled the new Qualitia Automation Studio for Desktop v4.2. With this new release, Qualitia Automation Studio now has support for desktop applications across 30 different technologies.Qualitia Automation Studio supports functional test automation for every major software application. Its support spans all major ERP and CRM applications including SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft, all major development technologies like Java and .NET, and various legacy systems.

“We adopted scriptless way of automation development to give the power of Test Automation in the hands of functional QA engineers. We committed ourselves to making the automation development process extremely easy, while at the same time making the product rich in capabilities.” said Amaresh Shirsat, Chief Operating Officer at Qualitia Software“With this release, we will be armouring the QA engineers with over 9000 keywords across 30 different technologies”.

With Qualitia, enterprises can leverage the expertise of manual testers in test automation and also reduce the number of test cases required to achieve the same level of coverage. It helps them in saving costs, mitigating risk, consolidating all the testing efforts under one scriptless test automation platform, and thereby helps improve the overall functional testing coverage.

About Qualitia

Qualitia is a pioneer in scriptless functional test automation. Qualitia brings the power of simplicity and speed to adopt test automation in the most effective way. Qualitia has enabled businesses to transform the way software functional testing is done, by significantly optimizing cost and effort to make “ship/no-ship” decisions with high confidence. With Qualitia, large enterprises are successfully driving “Shift Left” agenda in Agile & DevOps environment.
Besides Gartner, Qualitia is appreciated by IDC, Forrester, Ovum and many leading analysts for its innovative approach to software test automation.

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