Qualitia Now Offers Test Automation for SAP Implementations

New Release Promises Organizations Faster SAP Rollouts, Reduced Costs, and Higher User Satisfaction
Pune, October 14, 2017

Qualitia, the leader in script-less test automation, has announced that it now offers support for test automation of SAP implementations with its out-of-the-box actions and constructors for all SAP objects. With this new release, Qualitia enables organizations to implement technology-agnostic scriptless test automation for SAP implementations and updates and achieve faster rollouts, reduced costs, and higher user satisfaction. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software and is used by more than 300,000 enterprises across all industry verticals. Like all ERP implementations, SAP implementations and customizations are complex. Typically, these are done in phases and each rollout needs multiple rounds of testing to ensure that all the functionalities required by the business users are implemented properly. The complexity of the enterprise systems and the demand for high-quality applications deployed faster across business processes, mandate the use of test automation.

With Qualitia, several organizations across the world have not only achieved tremendous cost saving in their test automation initiatives, but also have achieved true business RoI with faster time to market, larger market share, and wider test coverage. With this release, we are extending Qualitia’s capabilities to SAP implementations. Now enterprises can have a single technology for all their test automation needs and they can leverage the power of scriptless test automation for their SAP rollouts and updates.

With Qualitia, enterprises can leverage the expertise of manual testers in test automation and also reduce the number of SAP test cases required to achieve the same level of coverage. It helps them in saving costs, mitigating risk, consolidating all the testing efforts under one scriptless test automation platform, and thereby; improve the overall functional testing coverage.

“With this release, Qualitia offers out-of-the-box actions and constructors for all the objects in SAP making it easy to adopt scriptless automation by functional SAP testers. Companies can now accelerate their rollouts, increase test coverage, and easily navigate the testing challenges posed by constant updates of SAP. This Qualitia release is part of our standard license so enterprises don’t need to worry about purchasing any separate module at an additional cost”, says Rahul Chaudhari, Managing Director and CEO, Qualitia Software.

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