Award-Winning Qualitia Embraces Selenium 3.0

New Release Strengthens Qualitia’s Commitment to Selenium’s Vision


Qualitia, the leader in script-less test automation, has unveiled the new 3.12 release of its award-winning test automation platform. The highlight of the new release is the support for the latest version of Selenium, version 3.0.

With the new release, Selenium has taken a major leap and the Selenium community is very excited about it. Launched after the long wait of 3 years, Selenium 3.0 has been launched as “a tool for user-focused automation of mobile and web apps”. With this release, Selenium has completely dropped the RC support and has forced the users to switch to WebDriver APIs.

“Qualitia is a technology agnostic script-less test automation tool. Thousands of Selenium-enabled testing users have been using Qualitia to build their test automation frameworks. With the major release of Selenium already out, we feel proud to be one of the very few early products to provide support for it”, said Ashutosh Saitwal, President & CSO at Qualitia Software.

One of the major changes in this release of Selenium is the support for different browsers is available via the specifically designed browsers such as Mozilla’s geckodriver, Apple’s safaridriver and Microsoft webdriver server. With this new release, Qualitia users will not have to worry about changing their scripts for different versions of the browsers as Qualitia will take care of the seamless switching across the different browser versions.

“We are committed to making changes to Qualitia to continue supporting the long-term vision and product changes of Selenium. This release supporting the latest version of Selenium is a testament to the commitment”, added Ashutosh.

About Qualitia
Qualitia is a pioneer in scriptless functional test automation. Qualitia brings the power of simplicity and speed to adopt test automation in the most effective way. Qualitia has enabled businesses to transform the way software functional testing is done, by significantly optimizing cost and effort to make “ship/no-ship” decisions with high confidence. With Qualitia, large enterprises are successfully driving “Shift Left” agenda in Agile & DevOps environment.

Qualitia is appreciated by Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Ovum and many leading analysts for it’s innovative approach to software test automation.

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