Selenium Script-less Test Automation With Test Management

Pune, India, (November, 2013) Qualitia today announced that the latest version of its product now offers end-to-end test life cycle management solution as integral part of its award winning scriptless test automation platform.


Qualitia, a Gartner 2013 Application Development Cool Vendor, now provides customers a single suite to manage requirements, test case management, scriptless test automation, superior lab management for distributed and remote test executions and defect tracking. Qualitia brings all best practices of test automation on a standardized platform and improves productivity through effective collaboration.

Qualitia has become the platform of choice for functional testing teams using Selenium and other commonly used automation tools. Qualitia’s scriptless automation substantially enhances ease of use and productivity while making test automation scalable and maintainable.

“At Qualitia, we’re committed to significantly accelerate the test automation lifecycle, and empower entire QA teams to be the most productive QA engine and reduce go to market time for software releases. Qualitia’s latest release is a major leap in this direction,” said Rahul Chaudhari, CEO. “Our end-to-end platform helps enterprises realize the strategic objectives of test automation in much lesser time, eliminating the need for multiple systems each for manual testing, automation development and test management. This has significant impact on productivity and cost of Quality.

Latest release of Qualitia’s scriptless test automation platform offers:

  • Complete Test Case Management from requirements to results
  • Scriptless test automation development
  • Test Case Execution
  • Lab Management for Distributed or Parallel test executions
  • Incident and Defect Tracking
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reporting

“Today’s demanding business environment needs to be supported by shorter development time and faster release cycles” Chaudhari continued. “Qualitia enables any member of the QA teamto automate functional tests without writing a single line of code and accelerate the overall software delivery process. It increases your software quality and helps you save valuable time and money”

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