Qualitia – It’s The Tool Professionals Are Searching For

Sometimes it seems that a new Testing tool joins the market each week – the testing professional today is spoilt for choice when it comes to tools. In such a scenario how can you try to draw a conclusion about your specific place in the market?  IT Central Station is probably the closest that you can get to an actual Voice of the People as far as technology solutions are concerned. This is a crowdsourced platform that allows real users a place to air their opinions and reviews about the It products and solutions that they have used and to then share and compare these opinions with other professionals in the game.


A recent distillation was made from over 42,000 views of users of the Testing Tools in the market. Tools were evaluated across user searches / views, product comparisons, reviews and users following and an average rating was arrived at. The resultant rankings were published in an informative infographic by IT Central Station and we are proud to see Qualitia featuring among the Top Testing Tools. A solid showing across each individual criteria helped us reach no. 7 on the list. We view this as a validation of the wide interest in our product offering. You can get more information about the findings at the link below.


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