Qualitia Enables ZS Associates to Automate Faster

Qualitia, the market leader for scriptless selenium test automation software, today announced that global consulting firm ZS Associates has selected its scriptless test automation platform to achieve faster time to market and improve test automation reliability.


ZS Associates is a global leader in sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and software. Over its 30 year history, ZS has worked with more than 1,200 companies, including hundreds of the world’s top corporations, across consumer products, energy, high-tech, insurance, medical products and services, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Known for its highly selective hiring practices, ZS employs many of the top software engineers, who follow cutting edge development and testing best practices. Even with a top-notch quality assurance (QA) staff, ZS management recognized the need to further automate testing processes to improve speed-to-market while maximizing the reliability and accuracy of their applications.

Achieving those goals required focusing on maximizing testing efficiency and effectiveness, and undertaking a detailed evaluation of software products using highly stringent criteria, including:

  • Reduce regression cycle time by at least 50%
  • Improve test coverage to ensure world-class quality of every application
  • Leverage existing domain champions to sustain quality of testing
  • Ease of test automation use and training for the ZS QA team
  • Reduce maintenance efforts by at least 50% to adopt changes in the applications
  • Improve error handling resulting in more predictable stability and reliability
  • Integrate with ZS’s existing software development tools

“ZS management has extensive experience with test automation products, and they were very clear that the new product they would adopt must perform at a high level for each of the seven evaluation criteria,” said Rahul Chaudhari, Qualitia CEO. “After this strict and demanding evaluation process, Qualitia emerged as the product of choice, primarily for ease of use, ability to reduce time to market, and the quality and reliability of the test automation solution.”

Qualitia’s scriptless platform integrates with Selenium, WebDriver and other test automation tools to eliminate the need for scripting and coding, thus making test automation easy to use for all members of the QA team.

“We believe we will eliminate the need to hire an additional three to five full-time professionals now that we are using Qualitia because it will substantially enhance the overall productivity of our QA team,” said Ashutosh Saitwal, ZS’s Head of Test Engineering. “This allows us to turn our QA team’s focus to the product we’re developing, rather than spending time making the test automation work, especially during maintenance.”

Reliability was a key factor in choosing Qualitia according to Ashutosh. “In our initial stages of adoption, we ran 500 iterations of several test cases and found that fewer than 10 percent had minor issues which were fixed immediately,” he said. “We believe we will quickly realize a return on this investment and significantly add to the efficiency of our development efforts.”

“Frequent testing is a key aspect of all software development, and companies are increasingly turning to automation for that step,” said Chaudhari. “Using the Qualitia scriptless solution makes performing automated testing easy and reliable and allows managers to better leverage the various skills of their staffs.”

About Qualitia Software

Qualitia Software, the leading scriptless test automation software vendor, helps enterprises achieve their development and quality goals by making functional test automation fast, reliable and easy. A Gartner 2013 Application Development Cool Vendor and included on IDC Research Private Watch List, Qualitia enhances Selenium and other common automated testing applications by eliminating the need for scripting or programming, and by facilitating an integrated team approach to efficient, reliable software development.

About ZS Associates

ZS Associates is a global leader in sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and software. For more than 30 years, ZS has helped companies across a range of industries get the most out of their sales and marketing organizations. From 20 offices around the world, ZS experts use analytics and deep expertise to help companies make smart decisions quickly and cost effectively. ZS comprises multiple affiliated legal entities.

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