Robotic Process Automation

Business operations challenges

Service delivery can often be a highly manual activity with significant training and learning costs. At the same time process execution needs highly skilled people who are short in supply. Being monotonous activity, service delivery or process execution is often demotivating for Business Operations Associates, thereby leading to high attrition rates.

As part of business operations team, you are constantly facing demands to go beyond cost arbitrage and need for rapid innovation. All of this while it is constantly challenging to motivate your Business Operations teams.


Create digital workforce at scale

Qualitia helps you convert your manual business processes into automated robots with confidence. Qualitia’s automation platform makes it extremely fast, reliable and easy to convert your manual work into robots. All your Business Operations team’s manual interaction with your digitized process can be completely automated at an enterprise scale.

Using Qualitia’s scriptless method a business operations analyst can create and maintain robots. This allows to move monotonous work from people to digitized robots. This phenomenally helps you improve your team morale.

Digital Workforce RPA Robots with Qualitia

Short payback period and low cost of ownership

Qualitia has delivered payback period of less than 3 months for our clients. This means more than 400% return on investments for the robots.

Manual effort is reduced by as much as 70% and the work goes on 24×7 with your digital workforce.

Short Payback Period and high ROI on RPA

Manage your complex process execution with ease

Qualitia automation platform helps to automate and maintain any complex business processes with complete confidence and ease. Qualitia can help you automate all technologies like Web Services, Thick Client UI, Web UI, Mobile Apps, File Handling (XML,XLS,WORD,TXT,PDF,ZIP etc.), Database Activities, FTP, SFTP, UNIX Shell Scripts etc. You can have a process with any combination of activities involving these technologies.

With Qualitia you don’t have to bother about underlying technology complexities for automation. Qualitia provides you a unified and technology agnostic automation platform for any process automation.

RPA and Process Automation Technology Stack